West Carleton
Day Respite
Professional elder care
 The Founders
 How it all began
         The West Carleton Day Respite idea came about in the minds of several caring individuals in our community. Victoria Wallace was interested to meet the needs of seniors in her local West Carleton for several years. 

      At the same time collaboration was in progress between the local Community Resource Centre, and local Medical Family Health Team. They initiated round table discussions with West Carleton seniors and their caregivers between March and May 2016. Then they studied what was revealed and considered what could be done to help meet needs through solution-focused discussions involving residents, community organizations and health & community service providers.

      The priorities were narrowed down from discussions with about 335 seniors and caregivers. They showed a community desire for Respite and Adult day programs (ADP) among other needs.

       Around this time, local RN Victoria Wallace was providing advanced and diabetic foot care in Kinburn while researching her lifelong passion of creating a local Long-Term Care facility. When she became aware of the research done by these dedicated care providers, she realized that ADP was a day time version of her dream. A satisfying opportunity in senior care for her West Carleton neighbours.

       The journey began to discover how this portion of the identified needs could be met. Victoria Wallace recruited Florence Ombasso-Brake MSW to work alongside her to further design needs based solutions. The vision was to have multiple, intimate, non-institutional Adult Day Program type facilities to provide local care to meet local needs.
Victoria Wallace has been an RN for over 30 years in various settings. she is a passionate advocate for quality senior care. Most recently she has been a Diabetic Care Coordinator, an External Nurse Provider for Veteran's Affairs, and ran a Nursing Foot Care Service.  

Florence Ombasso-Brake has been a Social Worker for over 25 years in many community settings. She is a people oriented leader, with excellent supervision and facilitation skills. She helped found a group home in Brockville,  worked with community housing in Ottawa, workshop coordinator, and is a faculty liason at Carleton University.
Our vision is for quality care that makes a significant difference in the lives of our neighbours.
We plan for Dementia affected seniors to thrive in a program that meets their particular needs:

  1. Small groups of 6-10
  2. Higher ratio of staff to seniors, 1:3-5 (depending on assessed needs)
  3. Professionally trained, extended skill staff
  4. Home-like environment (non-institutional) 
  5. Healthy, home-cooked nourishments that can accomodate special diets
  6. Flexible activities according to interest and ability
  7. Daily exercise
This is our community.  
These are our neighbours.