West Carleton
Day Respite
Professional elder care

-- Alice -- 
-- My beloved father frequently said how lucky he was to be in such a setting... Vicky gave him the best of care with tenderness and love and with patience...
We are so grateful for her help as a reliable, caring and trustworthy caregiver. -- 
  1. -- Steve --
    -- Steve --
    -- My father was in care for about two months. During that time Vicki gave amazing care for my father. With her nursing skills she, in collaboration with his doctor, helped sort out medications and diet which resulted in much better health for my dad and a much better quality of life. The apartment and facilities were so clean, modern, and aesthetically pleasing. The large windows and bird feeders near the house allowed dad to enjoy nature, an important interest of his. Vicki was also a very important resource person for us as we sought the best care for our dad and his Alzheimer's. We GREATLY appreciate all that they did for him while he was there and would highly recommend Vicki's care and facility. --
  2. -- Beryl --
    -- Beryl --
    -- Vicki works in a very meticulous and clean way. She found an undetected infection on my foot, and that's important because I'm a diabetic. Working together with the medical center she cleared up a terrible problem with simple treatments that worked. She is so knowledgeable and everything she did was wonderful.